Silver Lining Feminized Hemp Seed


“Romulator’s SSH” is an elite clone from the era.  She is very easy to grow and has an 8-week flower time. The calyx to bud ratio is extremely low.  Rom’s SSH also has wonderful, distinct, and candied Dutch skunk/haze and grape terpenes.  We have crossed it our in-house hemp genetic several times and have grown thousands of plants in our R&D field over the course of 2 years.  Plants are cactus shaped with shiny solid buds measuring multiple feet in length at times.  These plants are perfect if you are planting in southern states or equatorial areas as it will rocket off and give tremendous yields even if flower is initiated a few days after germination!  We found 1 male of this genetic in 4,500 feminized silver lining seeds that were grown outdoors in our R&D field this year.

Silver lining is perfect for people who want:

  • Rapidly growing and flowering plants
  • Drought tolerant plants
  • Unique terpenes
  • Heavy yields
  • People growing near equator or in southern states where the photoperiod is nearly always 12/12 (Day/Night)
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