Rewined Feminized Hemp Seed


Rewined is another Cherry Wine cross, for those who want something frostier that does not smell like berries. This cultivar has complex terpenes and a mix of tastes and scents, she has more of a pine/woody aroma.  This plant smells like hash when fully ripe.  Known for its uniformity and trichome production. It produces strikingly white frosty buds that are extremely thick, sticky and resinous when fully ripe.  Rewined produces heavy yielding resinous buds. This cultivar has desirable characteristics for oil production due to its extra ordinary ability to produce resinous buds. A fast finisher at 8 weeks.  We have grown her in our R&D outdoor field, indoors, and in greenhouses for 2 years to full term and she has proven to be very genetically stable.


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