Cherry Wine S1 Feminized Hemp Seed


Cherry Wine S1 is very similar to the original acclaimed Cherry Wine and definitely lives up to its origin but it’s a more uniform and stable genetic. We have been testing, producing and selling this cultivar for over 3 years and have sold millions of these seeds across the country and the world. It is our most popular,tested and proven cultivar to date. It is a profuse grower developing lots of long stretchy branches allowing greater aeration and also allow light to penetrate more easily.  Branches shoot off sideways and upwards during flower allowing her buds run down the stems of the plant developing lots of branches and creating numerous thick bud sites.  This is an extremely vigorous cultivar producing thick resinous buds, she adapts easily to indoors as well as outdoors. She has a rich sappy bittersweet smell with hints of floral and sweet fruity undertones, really unbeatable aromas.  This cultivar has been known to produce upwards of 2 lbs. of flower per plant under the right growing conditions.


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