Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there a minimum order?

Yes. There is a 50 total minimum seed order.

2. Do you sell to unlicensed hemp growers?

No. We are legally obligated to only sell to individuals or companies who hold a state issued, Farm Bill compliant industrial hemp license or registration.

3. How much are your seeds?

4. Can I pre-order or get on a waiting list?

We offer pre-orders for returning customers and will indicate when we are sold out. We do not use a waiting list! Farming is highly variable, even when done in controlled indoor conditions and there is no way for us to predict.

5. Can I put money down to reserve seed?

No. Payment in full, a signed material transfer agreement, and a current industrial hemp license are all required to guarantee seed.

6. How do I pay?

We are a federally legal business. We accept bank transfers, business / personal checks from returning clients, cashier’s checks from new clients, Credit card (additional 4% charge), and cash if under $10K. No cash transactions over $10k without an IRS form 8300, no exceptions. Once your order has been submitted through our website, you will receive a follow up invoice containing payment instructions from our invoicing team.

7. What information do you need to process an order?

Orders can be placed electronically through our web store (currently being updated). After the order is placed, you will receive an electronic invoice with payment instructions and a request for (1) a copy of your hemp license and (2) a signed material transfer agreement. Or call directly at 1-833-411-Seed, ext. 0

8. I don’t have my license yet, can I still order or pre-order?

Sorry all orders require a hemp license.

9. Do you ship seeds?

Yes! We ship via USPS standard air, with signature required at our expense to any Farm Bill compliant hemp license / registration holder.

10. How soon would I receive my seeds once an order is placed?

As soon as the payment is received and processed in full the seeds will be sent same day or next business day.

1. Are your seeds feminized?

YES! Our process results are 99.9% feminization rate. We test every batch of seeds we produce to verify those results. We use 3rd party testing from Phylos to ensure quality control.

2. Are your varieties below 0.3% THC?

In short, yes. All of our CBD varieties will pass any state department of agriculture THC requirements when sampled at the appropriate time. Pre-harvest compliance documents for all currently available varieties can be obtained on our website and upon request.

3. What are your germination rates?

We do germination testing on every round produced. As of now we have germination rates ranging from 95-99%. The germination rate will fluctuate depending on the batch from which the seeds come from.

4. Are your seeds certified?

As of now there are no high CBD producing hemp strands on the market. We are currently working with certifying agencies to accomplish this. All seeds available through our company have been personally grown for at least 2 seasons before being released to the public. We look for specific traits that are favorable to hemp farmers, such as, uniformity in plant size, THC/CBD/CBG/CBN production, as well as tolerance to different climates.

5. Do you guarantee THC/CBD rates?

We cannot guarantee any results on your farm. There are too many variables that go into farming. Weather, soil, nutrients, all play a role in cannabinoid production. As well as the location where it is being grown indoors or outdoors.

6. Can you get other varieties of seeds that are not mentioned on the website?

No. We do not offer seeds that we do to personally grow and test ourselves. We are not seed brokers. If you purchase a seed from us we have personally dealt with the process from beginning to end.

7. Can I sell or trade your seeds to a third party?

What you do with our seeds once received is up to you. We take no responsibility for any issues that arise once the seeds are out of our possession. We will not be held responsible for seeds that where sold thru a third party that claim to be Eastern Plains Hemps Seeds.

8. Am I able to return or exchange my seeds once I receive them?

No, we apologize but once our seeds leave our possession, we cannot guarantee the seeds are ours. All hemp seeds look alike. We cannot risk contamination of our seeds once they leave our facility.

9. Do hemp seeds expire?

If you keep the seeds in an air tight cool environment they will remain viable for a few seasons. Two to three years.

10. Would you be willing to partner with our farm and provide us with seeds?

No, unfortunately we are far too busy to dedicate any of our time to farming. All of our efforts are dedicated in producing high quality feminized hemp seeds. Because we grow indoors our season never ends.

11. How much weight could I expect per plant?

This is another question that is hard to answer. There are many variables that can sway the final outcome. We have heard of farmers producing as high as 3 pounds per plant and other farmers as little as 1/4 pound per plant. This depends on the conditions and the techniques used to grow the plant.

12. How many seeds would I need per acre?

That depends on your growing techniques. We have heard of farmers planting as little as 2000 per acre and as high as 7000 per acre. We recommend planting between 3,000-4,000 per acre.

13. Do you provide seedlings?

No, we do not have the floor space to provide seedlings to customers.

Proven CDB rich hemp seeds.