What makes us special

Top Quality Product

Eastern Plains Hemp’s mission is to provide the finest quality genetics, producing quality feminized seeds and the highest yields available in the industry for our growers while providing best in class service.

Why Choose Us

Perfected Clones

Clones are inspected and grown under strict guidelines to ensure only the best plants are used to breed with. We guarantee our genetics to be true to their lineage. Any plant that does not meet our strict standards is discarded and replaced.

Quality Genetics

Our phenotypes are hand selected by our in-house breeder. With over 10 years of cannabis breeding experience he is a true pioneer in the industry. Our seeds are only grown INDOORS. It is the only true way to ensure containment from outside pollen.

Specialized Care

Our R&D field hosts thousands of our Feminized Hemp Seeds so we could personally guarantee their quality and capabilities. We believe in the hands-on approach and have been that way since day 1. Farming is in our blood and we know how important it is to start off with the right Feminized Hemp Seed.

Best Feminized Hemp Seeds

Each harvest is tested for Germination, Feminization, and Purity. Every seed comes with a Colorado Department of Agriculture Seed Label. Farmers can rest assured knowing their seeds are true Feminized Hemp Seeds coming from true Feminized Hemp Seed breeders/producers.

Research & Development (R&D)


Proven CDB-rich hemp seeds.